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Make my experience as a CPA work for you. I have extensive experience and fluency handling the full spectrum of probate, estate administration and tax issues for people in Virginia.

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When you spend the majority of your life working hard to achieve financial stability and accumulate assets, you owe it to yourself to protect what you have earned.

Without a clear plan for estate, you could lose a significant portion of your estate to probate and estate taxes. An experienced attorney can help you create an estate administration plan to avoid probate.

I’m attorney and former CPA Laura Moldowan , and I founded Dominion Wealth Law, PLLC to help people in northern Virginia with their estate, probate and tax needs.

I provide compassionate and caring legal services to my clients and look forward to helping you make informed estate planning choices. Contact me today to schedule a free initial estate planning consultation.

Helping You Protect Your Assets From Probate

Completing detailed estate administration or tax planning ahead of time can help keep your assets out of probate, but if you are facing probate, I can help you handle anything probate can throw at you.

I can be named the executor of your assets or represent an executor as your estate goes through probate. I will be straightforward with you about your best options as I work to resolve your case and protect your assets.

I can handle all probate and estate matters for you, including:

  • Probating estates with wills
  • Probate of intestate estates where no will is present
  • Complex probate that includes estate tax returns
  • Accounting and inventories
  • Assistance with insolvent estates
  • Ancillary administration and coordination of foreign probate
  • Distribution of non-probate assets
  • Post-mortem planning
  • Disclaimer planning

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