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Prevent Probate Disputes Before They Start

Sometimes the best way to avoid the bitterness of estate litigation is to put a stop to these issues before they become problems.

In order to avoid tensions among family members and loved ones, we offer experienced assistance in preparing wills and trusts, as well as estate and tax planning.

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Disputes over inheritance or other estate assets can quickly become an emotionally sensitive struggle that can cause extensive damage to families.

If you are currently involved in an estate dispute, hiring a compassionate and caring estate attorney can help you pursue your rights in an efficient manner so you can move on with your life.

In northern Virginia, Dominion Wealth Law, PLLC can help you achieve positive results in estate litigation involving issues such as a will contest, probate fraud or other probate litigation.

I’m attorney and former CPA Laura Moldowan, and I founded Dominion Wealth Law to help people like you solve your estate matters in a thoughtful manner while demanding that your rights are respected.

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I am fully prepared to handle a wide variety of estate disputes for my clients. I handle both probate and trust disputes. The following disputes are among the most typical:

  • Disputes over the executor’s compensation
  • Estate/probate administration management disputes
  • Joint property disputes
  • People being left in or out of a will
  • Disputes about how the will was drafted
  • Will contests resulting from undue influence or capacity
  • Fraud disputes
  • Trust disputes about the administration, management or distribution of trust assets

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If you are currently involved in a dispute over a contested will or trust or are in need of estate planning, contact me today to discuss your situation. I look forward to working with you.