Gainesville Virginia Tax Planning Lawyer Laura Moldowan

Tax planning often involves the creation of trusts, such as credit shelter bypass trusts , to avoid unnecessary estate taxes.

It may also involve setting up entities like a family limited partnership or LLC as part of an estate plan.

I am fully prepared to help you choose the best trusts, entities or other instruments to meet your tax planning goals.

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Effective tax planning can help you maximize your assets, protect your financial future and ensure that you are in full compliance with state and federal tax laws.

I’m attorney and former CPA Laura Moldowan , and I founded Dominion Wealth Law, PLLC to help clients with their tax planning, estate and probate needs in northern Virginia.

At Dominion Wealth Law, I am dedicated to providing effective tax planning solutions for my clients. I have extensive experience with tax planning from my years as a certified public accountant (CPA) in addition to being an attorney . I look forward to hearing about your tax planning needs.

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Quality Legal Counsel Can Help You Avoid Estate Taxes

Having an experienced tax attorney on your side can significantly increase your chances of avoiding the burdensome estate taxes or GST or “generation skipping tax.”

For example, a Virginia couple with a combined estate of over $2 million could pay over 50% in Virginia and federal estate taxes. In addition to tax planning, I handle Virginia and federal estate tax returns for my clients.

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In addition to the tax planning services I provide for my clients I can help you with business planning, business succession planning and gifting programs. I look forward to hearing from you about your tax planning matter. E-mail or call (703) 753-2305 today to schedule a free consultation